Now Streaming on Bandcamp!

Our first two albums -- now streaming on  Bandcamp!

Our first two albums — now streaming on Bandcamp!

Come see our first two audio treats from Mastication Publications now available exclusively from Bandcamp!

Audiovile: The Expanded Digital Edition

Audiovile was originally released as a CD in 2007 by Raw Dog Screaming Press, breaking new ground in spoken word horror. Featuring musical renditions and remixes of the top stories from books like 100 Jolts, this “performance-art piece of manic Beatnik horror” (Dead Reckonings) is one-of-a-kind. Or is it? Now there are two! The newly “Expanded Digital Edition” includes high quality digital versions of all the tracks, and then DOUBLES the size of the original release, featuring performances you won’t hear anywhere else. And if you purchase the full album, you get access to BONUS FEATURES: notably — an ebook companion, a photograph gallery and a secret bonus track. Also, while supplies last, you can purchase a signed copy of the original CD along with your digital order of this edition. Act quick!

POEDOWN: Wytovich vs. Arnzen, Live at DV8

POEDOWN is both a poetry slam inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and a live audio performance captured shortly before the release of both Stephanie Wytovich‘s breakout horror poetry collection, Hysteria, and Mike Arnzen’s Gorelets Omnibus. What makes this event special is not just the raw passion and combative energy of their reading (which is at times deeply hilarious and others truly disturbing) but also the way the event inaugurated a ritual that has continued over the past five years: whenever Arnzen and “Wyto” share the stage, they come ready to read a new horror piece on an agreed upon theme. Buy this album on bandcamp and you’ll not only get an exclusive companion ebook but also bonus tracks featuring an example of their recent “slam” on the topic of “scary clowns.” A few rare, signed double-live CDs are also available on the site.

If you buy either digital album on bandcamp, you can own the .mp3s, burn your own discs for listening to in a car, or stream the tracks any time you like online or through the Bandcamp app. It’s a great system. And digital albums also make GREAT GIFTS for your friends online, so look into it. Learn more at the bandcamp fan page, or visit:

If audio’s your bag, then don’t overlook the new Mastication Publications audiobook available on this August, Freakcidents!

Get Freaky with Freakcidents …Our First Audiobook!

The e-book edition of Freakcidents — my Bram Stoker Award-winning poetry collection — is now available, exclusively for the Amazon kindle (and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, it’s a free read). This book has been out of print since its initial limited edition run in 2005 from Shocklines Press, so I’m happy to bring it back to life, so that more people can read it.

Freakcidents looks great on the kindle.

Freakcidents looks great on the kindle.

+ AND listen to it! After some bumps in production, we were finally able to finally produce our first traditional audiobook! It too is Freakcidents, read by Arnzen, available NOW on, as well as iTunes and Amazon.

Here’s a sampler!

Our first audiobook!

Also our first audiobook! Look for it on and iTunes soon!

I’m pleased to report that Audiovile — Arnzen’s spoken word experiment featuring flash fiction horror stories from 100 Jolts from Raw Dog Screaming Press — is also now available! If you think audiobooks are boring, try this one out! Or get the crazy Expanded Digital Edition, exclusively on our new bandcamp page!


You may have seen the Instigation Showcase featuring an amazing new horror writer named Joe-La Dowdy, who took it upon herself to blog a creative response to all 365 prompts in Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side.

Well, she’s done it. Written a whole year’s worth of weird fiction and poetry. Read the full news report about this amazing accomplishment over on my blog at to learn more!

Kudos again to Joe-la. She hereby unlocks the very first Instigation 365 badge!


Visit The Petulant Muse — Joe-La’s weblog — to read all 365 of her posts!

I encourage — nay, dare! — others to try this marathon journey and to share the results as they go on social media. If you do, use hashtag #Instigation365 so we can find you.