Get Freaky with Freakcidents …Our First Audiobook!

The e-book edition of Freakcidents — my Bram Stoker Award-winning poetry collection — is now available, exclusively for the Amazon kindle (and if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited, it’s a free read). This book has been out of print since its initial limited edition run in 2005 from Shocklines Press, so I’m happy to bring it back to life, so that more people can read it.

Freakcidents looks great on the kindle.

Freakcidents looks great on the kindle.

+ AND listen to it! After some bumps in production, we were finally able to finally produce our first traditional audiobook! It too is Freakcidents, read by Arnzen, available NOW on, as well as iTunes and Amazon.

Here’s a sampler!

Our first audiobook!

Also our first audiobook! Look for it on and iTunes soon!

I’m pleased to report that Audiovile — Arnzen’s spoken word experiment featuring flash fiction horror stories from 100 Jolts from Raw Dog Screaming Press — is also now available! If you think audiobooks are boring, try this one out! Or get the crazy Expanded Digital Edition, exclusively on our new bandcamp page!

Sportuary a Bestseller on Amazon!

In a Thanksgiving gesture to readers, we offered Arnzen’s e-chapbook, Sportuary, FREE for Thanksgiving weekend (and it’s still free till Cyber Monday) and the book instantly climbed the bestseller charts on Amazon, especially in the “Sports and Outdoors” categories. As I type this, it sits at #1 in “Sociology of Sports” and #2 in “Sports & Outdoors – Short Reads.” Pretty amazing (and in some ways, a riot) for a horror poetry book. Thanks to everyone who downloads a copy and keeps it up at the top of the key.


News about this release went out in The Goreletter. Subscribe for contests and related shenanigans.

Sportuary is Now Free as Kindle Unlimited Title

Sportuary is now available as a Kindle Unlimited title on, which means readers can read the book free if they subscribe to the new service.

Kindle Unlimited allows owners of the ebook device to read over 60,000 titles free for the low price of just $9.99 a month, following a free 30 day trial. It’s been compared to Netflix for readers (or alternately, just like a fee-based library subscription). Currently only available to US customers. Read all about it and give it a whirl.


Note that ever since its publication at Mastication Publications, Sportuary has only been available on the Kindle, not other e-readers or print. So I figured why not add it to the new unlimited program? But even if you’re not a kindle unlimited subscriber, you can still buy the ebook cheap.

Now Available! Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side

Cover for InstigationInstigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side by Michael Arnzen:

Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side is a treasury of twisted tips, strange scenarios and disturbing sparks to help ignite the fuel in your creative furnace. Its aim? To push you into the danger zone of your imagination, by thinking in unconventional ways and trying things you never thought — or dared — to try before in your writing, art, or dreams.

See the catalog page for more information. Or visit for a meaty excerpt. Writers responding to the prompts are already beginning to populate the new Instigation Showcase web page, too — join us!

NOW AVAILABLE for direct purchase from this website! Purchase price is just $3.99 via Paypal to Click the button below to order and a password with download information will be provided within 48 hours.


ALSO NOW AVAILABLE FROM: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iTunes | Kobo | GooglePlay

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NOTE: This book is currently only available in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf formats, which are readable in most ebook devices and computers. A print edition is not currently available (though you can get a large sampler in the hardcover only edition of The Gorelets Omnibus published by Raw Dog Screaming Press).

Instigation: Concept Draft of Cover Art

Demo of cover art concept for Instigation ebook (on a Kindle).

Demo of cover art concept for Instigation ebook (on a Kindle).

Here’s a glam photo of our test cover art for the Instigation ebook in progress for Mastication Publications (to be published in March 2013). This is NOT the final cover…but it’s close!

Instigation: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side is a collection of ideas, questions, and scenarios to help writers, filmmakers and artists formulate new horror or suspense stories… or to give their ideas more crazy levels of conflict and more terrifying twists.

The book is scheduled to be released in March 2013, for a price tbd. But you can reserve your copy for as little as a $1 today. Every pledge to the Fridge of the Damned will get a free copy of this ebook in March, so please back us before the campaign expires on Feb 1st:

If you have feedback on the cover, please leave a comment!

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A higher res image of the Instigation cover is up in the Fridge of the Damned gallery on Flickr.

Meat in the Fridge: Our Spring 2013 Releases (One Ebook Free!)


Please sign up for our special newsletter (the form is on the sidebar, or our front page). In return, you’ll get a really cool free ebook, called Meat Shots (in Adobe .pdf format), released in January 2013.

Cover image for Meat Shots

Get our first title of 2013 — Meat Shots — free!

Meat Shots is a sampler of some of the best horrific flash fiction and poetry from Michael Arnzen, featuring a colorful design and playful layout (on every single page) by Nathan Rosen (the man behind

Visit our catalog page for complete contents, an excerpt and more.

Nate is working with me and Raw Dog Screaming Press on a VERY cool kickstarter campaign (running till February 1st 2013) for “The Fridge of the Damned” horror poetry magnet set, too. Don’t miss out!


Cover photo from "Fridge of the Damned" kickstarter project.

Kickstart this project by 2/1/2013 to reserve your copy of INSTIGATION!


One of the rewards for your kickstarter pledge to “The Fridge of the Damned” will be a free ebook copy of Mastication’s next title, tentatively entitled, INSTIGATION: Creative Prompts on the Dark Side — fuel, dark-as-charcoal, for your creative furnace. We plan to release Instigation later this Spring. See the catalog page or visit the Goreletter department by the same name if you want to get a sense of what these prompts are like. The only current way to read the complete instigation (including the entire set of the column that used to run in Hellnotes newsletter and more) is to get the hardcover edition of The Gorelets Omnibus from Raw Dog Screaming Press. The ebook will expand the print edition and make it available to anyone with an e-book reader.

Sportuary — Amazon Kindle Edition

Our first ebook release, Sportuary, was published in 2009. It is available only from for the Kindle. You can read kindle ebooks on virtually any device, including your computer and mobile phone, but you’ll need an account at to purchase kindle ebooks.

Cover art for Sportuary by Marcia Borell

Sportuary (2009). $2.99

Sportuary is a collection of horror poems by Michael Arnzen related to athletics, featuring original art by Marcia Borell, for just $2.99. Read more about Sportuary on our catalog page or go directly to

“Employing haiku and free verse, Arnzen plumbs the depths of his aberrant, wonderful imagination and offers biting commentary on the shadowy side of athletics: swimmers mesmerized by hungry undertows and ping pong played with staring human eyes, referees getting their gruesome reward and badminton as played by lunatics…these poems are good!” –Tim Curran, Dark Krypt

Read a free excerpt.

Photo of Sportuary on ebook devices.

Sportuary on the iPad (Kindle App) and on the Amazon Kindle.